Holly Genome & Taxonomy Database

Current Holly Genome & Taxonomy Database (HollyGTD) integrated three detailed annotated genome references, re-sequencing data of over 110 holly species. In addition, a species list including species names, references, type information, and species phenotypic data were also provided. In order to enable users to access these data conveniently, three hierarchically accessible functions including Genome, Taxonomy, … More →



HollyGTD: An integrated database for holly (Aquifoliaceae) genome and taxonomy. In preparation.

▶ Genome

Ilex latifolia: Xu, K.W., Wei, X.F., Lin, C.X., Zhang, M., Zhang, Q., Zhou, P., Fang, Y.M., Xue, J.Y., and Duan, Y.F. (2022). The chromosome-level holly (Ilex latifolia) genome reveals key enzymes in triterpenoid saponin biosynthesis and fruit color change. Front Plant Sci 13, 982323.

Ilex polyneura: Yao, X., Lu, Z., Song, Y., Hu, X., and Corlett, R.T. (2022). A chromosome-scale genome assembly for the holly (Ilex polyneura) provides insights into genomic adaptations to elevation in Southwest China. Hortic Res 9.

Ilex asprella: Kong, B.L., Nong, W., Wong, K.H., Law, S.T., So, W.L., Chan, J.J., Zhang, J., Lau, T.D., Hui, J.H., and Shaw, P.C. (2022). Chromosomal level genome of Ilex asprella and insight into antiviral triterpenoid pathway. Genomics 114, 110366.